5 Reasons To Break Up With Your Doctor

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Don’t misunderstand me. Doctors have their place. I just feel that there is a gross misuse of power going on in the medical field today and it is time we stood up to it and said, “No more”! Here are my top five reasons why it might be time to break up with your doctor.

1. We’ve all been there, waiting in the doctor’s office for a check up or sick visit as the hands on the clock go ’round and ’round. Why is it so difficult to schedule patients far enough apart so that there isn’t a full waiting room full of people all day long? I have been fortunate and able to care for my family without going to the doctor for a good number of years, but I clearly remember waiting for hours, having to cancel plans, extend childcare, and take some calming breaths while waiting and waiting. If you have to wait more than 15-20 minutes to see your doctor, he or she is too busy and you should find another doctor. Your time is just as important as theirs.

2. After waiting for hours to see the doctor, he only spends 5 minutes with you. This is more annoying to me than having to wait 2 hours in the waiting room…well almost. Most doctors are so rushed that they flit in, barely look at you and are out of the room before you can blink. If your doctor isn’t sitting down, looking you in the eye and really taking the time to hear what your issues are, it may be time to move on.

3. If you doctor turns up her nose at the suggestion of wanting to try something natural or look at foods as a possible reason for your problems, it’s time to find a new doctor. Most doctors have zero training in nutrition and have no idea how food affects the body’s ability to heal. Unless your doctor is trained in integrative medicine they will not treat the whole body, just the symptoms. It’s like turning off the fire alarm while the house is burning down. You’ve stopped the “symptom” which is the clanging fire alarm, but you’ve failed to fix the root of the problem which is the fire. Finding a doctor that treats the whole person while getting to the root of the symptoms through natural means really is the best route for most people dealing with chronic illness.

4. Your doctor disregards your wishes and does not respect what you are saying. This holds true especially when taking your children to the doctor. I have been treated like a child by a doctor who thought I was just a dumb first-time mom who would do whatever he said. He wanted to give my child five vaccines at once, some of which were combo vaccines, told me I should supplement with formula because breastfeeding was over-rated, and told me using herbs to treat colds and coughs was ridiculous. That was the last time we ever saw him. Please understand that you are in control of your healthcare and the healthcare of your family. If something isn’t sitting well with you, you do not have to stay with that practice. Fire them. Find a new practice that respects you as a parent, and as a human.

5. If you have been going to a doctor and have seen no results, it is time to look for alternative care. Many illness, especially chronic ones such as autoimmune diseases are difficult to treat. If you are being sent for test after test and put on multiple prescriptions, you might want to look into other options. Medical doctors will keep you there as long as possible because they really do want to “cure” you. The problem is, they can’t. Medication for the most part isn’t curing anyone. It’s that bandaid mentality again and it doesn’t work. If it did, our hospitals wouldn’t be full and our healthcare system wouldn’t be such a mess. There are wonderful alternative care doctors out there that will help find real results and put you on the path to true health.

Again, I am not anti-doctor. I value the medical profession especially for emergency care. There has to be a middle ground and balance to everything. Conventional medicine isn’t all bad, it just has to find a way to jive with alternative therapies and natural remedies. Until that day comes, I will gladly use doctors for emergencies only and continue being the primary healthcare provider for my family.


Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor nor am I telling my readers to never seek medical help. I am in no way giving medical advice. Please use common sense.


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