Crispy Grain-Free Waffles – A Recipe Review

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Grain-Free Crispy Waffles | Real Food Outlaws

When we went grain-free so that I could heal some gut issues I was having, I really honed my skills cooking with coconut flour and almond flour. Grain-free cooking was foreign to me. I was used to traditional cooking methods like soaking, sprouting, etc.

I am thankful for the opportunity to learn how to cook and bake without grains because it has given me additional tools to help my patients with digestive issues, and I’ve added some super yummy recipes to our collection!

I was able to create some of my own recipes, but some I came across were so good that they just couldn’t be improved upon. One of these recipes belongs to one of my favorite bloggers, Hayley from Health Starts in the Kitchen. Hayley has a knack for recreating popular recipes into delicious grain-free, real food masterpieces. 

Hayley’s crispy grain-free waffles are amazing! We eat them once a week. They turn out perfectly every time and are great for breakfast or dessert as a healthy Belgium waffle treat. 

Almond flour is the key ingredient but these waffles are not heavy. They are light but filling. There are a few secret ingredients that make them the best waffles I ever had, but you’ll have to try them for yourself!

UPDATE: Can’t have eggs? You can substitute chia for the eggs in this recipe. Simply add some chia seeds to water overnight (about 2 TBS of chia seeds just covered in water) and allow to sit overnight. In the morning, add a heaping two tablespoons of the gelled chia to the waffle batter. They’re delicious!

Grain-Free Crispy Waffles - Waffle Mixture

For the complete recipe and to try some really amazing waffles, visit Hayley’s blog at Health Starts in the Kitchen

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