DIY Coco-Mint Lip Balm

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Making your own lip balm is a really fun project that you can do with your kids. You can make tubes to give for teacher or Christmas gifts. They make great stocking stuffers or just-because gifts!

Conventional lip balms contain artificial colors, preservatives, endocrine disrupting chemicals, petroleum products and a myriad of other horrible-for-you ingredients. These ingredients get into your blood stream and affect your body in negative ways. Making your own chemical-free lip balm takes away all those gross ingredients and replaces them with nourishing-to-your-skin shea/mango butter, cocoa butter, honey, vitamin E and other amazingly luxurious, organic ingredients.

This particular recipe is for the chocolate lovers in your life. It’s so rich and chocolate-minty that you’ll never want to be without it! The peppermint essential oil leaves your lips tingly but not burning. This DIY Coco-Mint Lip Balm is one you’ll feel good letting your kids use and be proud to give away to your friends and family as gifts. 

You’ll need a few things to make this lip balm. Either a double boiler or a pot with simmering water and a glass measuring bowl/cup inside to act as one. This recipe works best in lip balm tubes. If you prefer to use tins, use less beeswax so it is softer. It’s convenient to have a lip balm tray and scraper to keep the tubes from falling while being filled. Or, you can put them in a pyrex dish to hold them up. 

I have 30-40 drops of peppermint essential oil in the recipe but you can decrease or increase based on how strong of a peppermint flavor and scent you like. 

Please note: This recipe make 100+ lip balm tubes worth of lip balm. I usually have a little left over to put into a couple small tins. Reduce the recipe to make less. 

Coco-Mint Lip Balm

Yield: 100+ standard lip balm tubes



  1. In a double boiler or pan filled halfway with water and a glass measuring cup placed inside, put in coconut oil, shea or mango butter and cocoa butter.
  2. Turn burner on very low and melt the butters and oil very slowly.
  3. Once melted add in beeswax and melt completely, stirring occasionally.
  4. Remove from heat and whisk in honey, cocoa or cacao powder, vitamin E oil and essential oil.
  5. Mix thoroughly and then fill lip balm tubes.
  6. Allow to cool and harden.
  7. Place lids on tubes.
  8. Store away from heat.


You can make cute labels with Avery label online right on your computer. Have fun with it and enjoy your lip balm!

Don’t want to make it yourself? Buy it here from my 90210 Organics online store.

What’s your favorite lip balm flavor?

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