DIY Postpartum Tea – A Balancing Blend for New Mothers

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DIY Postpartum Tea

 Earlier this week I shared my favorite herb combination for DIY Pregnancy Tea to nourish mama and baby. Today, I want to share my favorite DIY Postpartum Tea Blend to help balance and support mama and baby. 

Birth is a natural yet stressful process for the body. There are major hormone fluctuations, new emotions, adjustment to not sleeping and even to breastfeeding. “Baby Blues” are more common than you might think as these adjustments take place. 

Drinking a nourishing, herbal postpartum tea daily can help replace essential nutrients, increase energy, support milk production and provide a general sense of stability and well-being. 

Over the years, I have had the great honor of learning from some of the great herbalists of our time through their books, websites, webinars and classes. These herbalists include Rosemary Gladstar, Susun Weed, Shonda Parker and Aviva Romm. If you do not already own their books, I definitely recommend going through them on Amazon and seeing which ones you would like to add to your library. I refer to them so often that they are becoming nicely worn out!

Some of the herbs best suited for a postpartum mother include:

Red Raspberry Leaf – Not just for pregnancy, this herb is a female powerhouse herb that can be used throughout the childbearing years to support the reproductive system. Postpartum, it helps tone the uterus so it will get back to its “normal” size.

Strawberry Leaf – Great for digestion, anti-inflammatory, high in trace minerals and vitamin C.

Spearmint – A catalyst herb that helps the other to work together synergistically. Also adds wonderful aroma and flavor. 

Nettle Leaf – You know if you’ve been reading my herbal posts that this is my favorite herb. Provides nourishing, bioavailable nutrients like crucial calcium and magnesium, boosts immunity, aids in adrenal and thyroid function, is said to strengthen the baby in utero, helps relieve nausea, alleviates asthma and allergy symptoms, and so much more.

Chrysanthemum Flowers – This one is huge for postpartum moms! The Chrysanthemum flower is said to relive stress, anxiety, and anger. It has a cooling effect on the body which helps calm nerves and provide mental clarity. 

Chamomile Flowers – Calming, stress-relieving, anti-inflammatory, helps the body to heal after giving birth and helps to fight off infections. It’s also great for alleviating headaches and other pain and soreness. 

Horsetail – Great for helping to prevent postpartum hair loss, skin issues, urinary tract infections, and may help with the brain fog and memory issues many new moms experience. Some mainstream sources say this herb is contraindicated while breastfeeding. Leave it out if you prefer. Can substitute Alfalfa.

Oatstraw – Very nourishing, high in B vitamins, calcium, and silica which is a wonderful mineral for hair, skin, nails and bones. It’s also very calming to the nervous system and can help with stress and anxiety. 

Ginger Root – Warming, carminative, soothes digestion and is anti-inflammatory. Can help with insomnia, depression and fatigue. 

Dandelion Leaf – I could fill up an entire post with the benefits of Dandelion Leaf, but I’ll just list a few here. Helps with liver function, high in vitamins and minerals. Helps with milk production and hormone regulation, and helps regulate the menstrual cycle. 

Rose Petals – A great source of vitamin C, aromatic and uplifting. 

You can also add Rose Hips, and Hibiscus for added nutrients and even more flavor. If your baby is having gassiness or colic and you are breastfeeding, add in some fennel and catnip to help him/her out. 

This recipe is measured in parts. A part can be any measurement you choose…a teaspoon, a cup, etc. 

DIY Postpartum Tea
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  1. 1 part Red Raspberry Leaf
  2. 1 part Strawberry Leaf
  3. 1 part Spearmint, Nettle Leaf
  4. 1 part Oatstraw
  5. 1 part Chrysanthemum Flowers
  6. 1 part Chamomile Flowers
  7. 1/2 part Horsetail
  8. 1/2 part Dandelion Leaf
  9. 1/4 part Ginger Root
  10. 1/4 part Rose Petals
  1. !To make a tea infusion
  2. Blend all herbs in a bowl.
  3. Place two tablespoons of the dry herbs into a French Press or quart ball jar.
  4. Pour hot water over and cover.
  5. Let steep for 4 hours or overnight.
  6. Strain and sweeten with a natural sweetener as desired.
  7. Drink up to a quart throughout the day.
Adapted from Aviva Romm
Adapted from Aviva Romm
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