DIY Pregnancy Tea for a Nourished Mama & Baby

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DIY Pregnancy Tea

Pregnancy is a beautiful time where nourishing the body in preparation to give birth is very important.  

Conventional prenatal vitamins that are not whole food based do not offer the bioavailability that herbs and whole food supplements offer. The body cannot use synthetic vitamins the way it can use actual food.

When I was pregnant, herbal tea was my lifeline for everything, including being a remedy for toothache during pregnancy. I needed the energy and stamina to get through my day and little baby was zapping it on a daily basis. Not only did pregnancy tea help me with all that but it also helped prepare my body for the big birth day!

Today I am bringing you a version of pregnancy tea that I used during my last pregnancy. It was inspired by great herbalists like Rosemary Gladstar, Susun Weed and Aviva Romm. This tea helps nourish both mother and baby.

Because some of the herbs have estrogenic properties, I prefer to use this during the second trimester and beyond. I use another blend for the first trimester or just a plain nettle infusion. *An tea infusion is made by steeping tea for 4 or more hours to make a more potent blend.

Each herb chosen has its own special part to play in this synergistic blend.

Here are the herbs used in DIY Pregnancy Tea.

Nettle Leaf – My favorite herb in the world! Provides nourishing, bioavailable nutrients like crucial calcium and magnesium, boosts immunity, aids in adrenal and thyroid function, is said to strengthen the baby in utero, helps relieve nausea, alleviates asthma and allergy symptoms, and so much more.

Red Raspberry Leaf – Tones the uterus, high in calcium, magnesium, B vitamins, vitamin C. The ultimate pregnancy herb!

Red Clover – Helps keep hormones balanced, anti-inflammatory (omit if on blood thinners).

Oatstraw – Very nourishing, high in B vitamins, calcium, and silica which is a wonderful mineral for hair, skin, nails and bones. It’s also very calming to the nervous system and can help with stress and anxiety.

Lemon Balm – Uplifting and carminative (good for digestion), helps with stress and anxiety and promotes restful sleep. Also high in antioxidants and immune boosting (omit if on thyroid medication).

Alfalfa – Helps keep hormones balanced, good source of vitamins and minerals including vitamin K, vitamin C, Vitamin E, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium and essential amino acids just to name a few. It’s a nutrient-dense powerhouse!

Orange Peel – Catalyst that helps the other herbs work better together. Also carminative.

Anise Seed (or Fennel) – Carminative, aids digestion and relieves bloating, gas, acid reflux and indigestion. Also aromatic.

Rose Hips – Bioavailable vitamin C, helps with joint pain and sciatica, helps prevent urinary tract infections, is anti-inflammatory and helps keep the immune system healthy and strong.

Hibiscus Flowers – Bioavailable Vitamin C, helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels. (not for use during 1st trimester)

Spearmint – Catalyst herb, carminative and adds wonderful flavor.

This recipe is measured in parts. A part is anything you want it to be…a teaspoon, a cup, etc.

DIY Pregnancy Tea
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  1. 1 part nettle leaf
  2. 1 part red raspberry leaf
  3. 1 part oatstraw
  4. 1 part spearmint
  5. 1 part lemon balm
  6. 1/2 part red clover leaf
  7. 1/4 part alfalfa
  8. 1/4 part anise seed
  9. 1/4 part rose hips
  10. 1/4 part hibiscus flowers
!To make a nourishing tea infusion
  1. Mix all herbs in a bowl.
  2. Take 2 TBS of dry herb and place in a quart ball jar.
  3. Pour hot water over and place lid on.
  4. Let steep on counter for 4 hours or overnight.
  5. Strain and sweeten with raw honey or stevia if desired.
  6. Drink up to one quart throughout the day.
  7. Store remaining dry herbs in a clean ball jar with lid.
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Be nourished. Be Happy.


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