Grain-Free Weekly Meal Plan 8/10 – 8/15

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Real Food Outlaws' Grain-Free Weekly Meal Plan

Hello, Monday! Another week, another grain-free weekly meal plan!

I’ve just spent the last few days in Florida again for more Advanced Clinical Training. The things I learned were incredible. I won’t need to use them often because they are for extreme health conditions, but they are a great tool to have in my tool box for sure. 

I want to talk about sugar a little bit before we get into our meal plan for the week. If you don’t know by now, sugar is toxic to the body. Even one grain of sugar can cause the body to have a reaction during a muscle test (see this article on Nutrition Response Testing(tm) for an explanation on what muscle testing is). If the body reacts during a muscle test, it is also reacting internally. 

Did you know that every time you taste something sweet, your brain swells, your joints swell, your pancreas and other organs all swell? It is an instant biochemical response of inflammation. 

If the body has anything going on that makes it unhealthy in any way, sugar is the enemy. It will keep the body from healing. If you have an autoimmune disease, cancer, tumors, digestive disease, etc. avoiding sugar is crucial. 

If you are healthy, minimizing sugar is still important because sugar can cause organs to not work very well, and it feeds disease. I encourage you to read the book “Lick the Sugar Habit” by Nancy Appleton. Click here for an excerpt from the book: 146 Reasons Why Sugar is Ruining Your Health“.

We are mostly speaking about white sugar here, but sugar really is sugar. ALL sugar causes the same reaction in the body whether it be organic cane, coconut, honey, maple syrup, etc. Even fruit can be an issue for those with health issues. I have gone quite a long time without eating fruit due to a heavy metal toxicity. 

After the body is healed, small amounts of occasional honey or maple syrup indulgence would be okay. Just let the body heal first!

It’s difficult to go off sugar. I suggest that once you make the decision to quit sugar, that you go off of it slowly to minimize withdrawal symptoms, and make it easier on your body. Once you’ve weaned off of all sugar, stay off of it for at least 90 days. You will be very surprised at how your body gets used to not having it and you will not want it anymore. It’s very liberating!

Enjoy this week’s grain-free meal plan!


Breakfast – Paleo Breakfast Stacks

Lunch – Asian Crack Slaw

Dinner – Lemon Herb Chicken Kabobs


Breakfast – Savory Greens with Pancetta

Lunch – Cream of Zucchini Soup

Dinner – Taco Chili Stuffed Sweet Potatoes


Breakfast – Breakfast Pizzas

Lunch – Pick a Paleo Summer Salad

Dinner – Grain-Free Chicken Fried Steak


Breakfast – Pick a Paleo Breakfast

Lunch – Broccoli Bacon Salad

Dinner – Lemon Butter Halibut with Zoodles


Breakfast – Taco Wannabe Breakfast Bowl

Lunch – Zucchini Spinach Salad with Chicken

Dinner – Grain-Free Meat Loaf


Breakfast – Grain-Free Waffles

Lunch – Thai Beef Lettuce Cups

Dinner – Chicken Pesto Pasta


Be Well and THRIVE!


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