Grandma’s Easy Peasy Vanilla Cake {Real Foodified}

by Jun 18, 2014Desserts, Grain0 comments

Grandma's Easy Peasy Vanilla Cake | Real Food Outlaws

I’m finishing my Grain Mill Wagon Wondermill Grain Mill Challenge today!

I started the challenge with delicious Lemon Sourdough Pancakes and continued with an awesome Berry Almond Bread!

This is the last grain-based recipe you’ll see from me in awhile since I am taking my blog in a new grain-free direction.

Enjoy this Easy Peasy Vanilla Cake recipe that was passed down to me from my Great Grandmother. I real foodified it which makes it even more delicious!

Check out the recipe over at the Grain Mill Wagon Blog here!

Grandma's Easy Peasy Vanilla Cake | Real Food Outlaws


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