Homemade Coconut Butter

by May 17, 2012Dairy, DIY0 comments


My coconut addiction continues with a recipe for homemade coconut butter, or coconut manna as it is sometimes called. My theory is, why spend extra for something you can make cheaply and easily yourself? Nothing is simpler than this! I am thankful to one of my Holistic Moms Network friends for turning me on to this easy indulgence.

All you need is a few cups of shredded or flaked, unsweetened, dried coconut, a little coconut oil, and a food processor.

Take the coconut (I usually use about 3 cups) and process it for about 20 minutes until smooth. A small amount of melted coconut oil can be added if the coconut you are using is overly dry and seems gritty. Store in your cupboard or pantry, if it lasts that long! I like it right off the spoon.

That’s it! Seriously, could it be any easier?

I am going to experiment with flavors and will update with the results.



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