How to Make Garlic-Dill Refrigerator Pickles {The Easy Way}

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Easy Refrigerator Pickles

I love pickles! So do my kids! We definitely prefer dill pickles over sweet, bread and butter pickles. Between all of us we go through an obscene number of jars on a weekly basis. It’s a little ridiculous.

Refrigerator pickles are quick and easy to make. You don’t need to heat anything up or make a big mess in your kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, I like to can and do quite often. Sometimes though, you just want to produce 6 jars of pickles super fast without making your kitchen 105 degrees, you know?

These are not fermented pickles. I will do a separate how-to for that type. These are traditional, “Claussen style” crispy, dill refrigerator pickles. 

What you need to make garlic-dill refrigerator pickles is:

6 jars with lids (these are the ones I use)

12 kirby cucumbers

2 cloves of garlic for each jar, fresh dill (or dill heads if you can get them)

dill seed, sea salt

white vinegar (or apple cider vinegar)

peppercorns (optional)


How to make them:

Clean your jars with hot, soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Allow to air dry.

Peel garlic cloves and place in each jar.

Cut two good-sized sprigs of fresh dill or dill heads and place in each jar with the garlic.

Add 1 tsp of dill seed to each jar along with a few peppercorns if desired (I put 4-5 per jar).

Cut off the blossom end of each cucumber (helps keep them crisp), wash them and cut lengthwise into quarters.

Pack them into jars tightly but not so tight that you squish them.

Mix 3 cups of water with 3 cups of vinegar and add 4 TBS sea salt or pickling salt to the mixture. Blend to make a brine and pour into jars leaving about 1/2 inch of head-space. 


Place lids on the jars and refrigerate. You can test them within a few hours (I don’t like to wait so I munch on them soon after making them) but they’ll be completely ready in 3 days to a week. They’ll stay fresh for about 2 months in the refrigerator. Remember, these are NOT shelf stable so they have to be kept chilled. 

If you find that they are too sour, reduce the amount of vinegar next time or add a little organic cane sugar (or raw honey) to your brine. 

What’s your favorite pickle flavor?



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