My Car Accident and How I am Using Nutrient-Dense Foods, Supplements, and Natural Therapies to Help Me Recover: Part 1

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My totaled van

My totaled van

Two weeks ago my oldest and youngest children and I were on our way home from our farm co-op pickup and we were in an accident. A car stopped in the middle lane of the three-lane highway we were driving on and we were behind it. I swerved to miss hitting it, ran out of room and hit the guard-rail head-on. We spun back into traffic and then settled with the back bumper touching the guard-rail about 100 feet from where we originally hit. I thought the car was going to flip as I was swerving out of the way and fighting to stay on the road. I did everything I could to keep that from happening. I am upset that I couldn’t keep from crashing but I really tried. I’d never been in an accident before.

Thank God, we were not seriously injured. It could have been so much worse. The police officer that came to the scene told me that people don’t usually walk away from accidents on that road. He said we were lucky. I know God had angels protecting us. It wasn’t luck…It was all God. So grateful! I don’t know how we weren’t hit when we spun back into traffic. It truly is a miracle.

My neck whipped back and forth pretty hard upon impact and the airbags didn’t deploy. We had just bought this van exactly two months prior to the accident, used, from another homeschool mom. I was so excited to finally have a vehicle big enough for all of us, the puppies, and cargo. To lose it (and the three dozen farm eggs I had just picked up) was difficult but things can be replaced, people cannot. I am not sure why the airbags didn’t deploy and thankfully I did not hit my head on the steering wheel. My knees hit but my arms were locked so my neck and back took the brunt of the force. I knew almost right away that I was going to be in pain.

As soon as we hit, I looked back at my eleven-year-old daughter to see if she was okay. She was shaken but fine. The baby (he’s almost 14 months old) was asleep and woke upon impact crying. I was still buckled in my seat so I asked my daughter if he was okay while I dialed 911. Some good Samaritans were already at my car asking if we were hurt. I got myself out of my seatbelt so I could get back to the baby. He was totally fine. So thankful! I called my chiropractor in the time that followed while we waited for the tow truck because I knew we all needed to be seen. I couldn’t turn my head and I wanted to make sure the kids’ necks were as okay as they seemed.

Stay tuned tomorrow for part two when I go into detail about the foods, supplements, essential oils, and other natural therapies that I’ve been using over the last two weeks as I recover. 

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