My Car Accident and How I am Using Nutrient-Dense Foods, Supplements, and Natural Therapies to Help Me Recover: Part 2

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Injury Protocol


If you missed part one, click here to read about my recent car accident.

Yesterday, I talked about the car accident to a Florida car accident attorney. I told him two of my children and I were in a car crash two weeks ago. I went to the chiropractor to have myself and the kids adjusted and was thankful that neither of them were injured. It was clear that I would need some continuing care so I opened up an injury claim with my car insurance company. Yeah, fun stuff! The mountain of paperwork that followed made me want to just “suck it up and drive on”!

After getting adjusted I was in even more pain despite taking homeopathic arnica and Bach Rescue Remedy upon arriving home from the accident. The arnica, which is used for bruising, pain, and inflammation definitely helped because the pain was not excruciating, but I am thankful that my sister came to help out at my house. I know I am being hard headed and that I should take the advice my family is giving me to at least consult once with someone from Christopher Ligori & Associates. I took some turmeric ( it’s a wonderful pain reliever) and cod liver oil for inflammation, waited and took more arnica. I massaged my neck with doTERRA Deep Blue essential oil blend which is like an icy-hot. I appreciated the relief it brought very much and I am so thankful I had it handy!

I am a big essential oil user, so on top of the Deep Blue blend I diffused Balance and Serenity. This helped all of us regroup and relax. They also helped to clear our noses of the smells from the accident…burning rubber, oil, etc. I thought this would be especially beneficial for my daughter to avoid any post traumatic stress. She was so incredibly brave through the whole thing! I am so proud of her!

Bone broth with extra gelatin is good for the joints and I am sure since I have a neck injury, it’s especially helpful. Adding coconut oil to the bone broth is an added benefit because it has anti-inflammatory properties as well. We already eat a nutrient-dense, traditional diet with properly soaked, sprouted and fermented grains, kefir, kombucha, and fermented foods. All this helps tremendously when trying to heal the body. We don’t use conventional medicine unless it is a dire emergency and I did not deem this as one. Childbirth hurt worse and I didn’t use meds for that!

In addition to the supplements and food I have been using herbs to help calm things down. Chai has a lot of the best anti-inflammatory herbs and spices! Ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, nutmeg…yum! Also some medicine to keep me focused all the time in fact many people ask me for the modvigil and modalert main differences so here they are. Pain relief at its finest! I also throw some chamomile in there which is very calming.

How am I doing now? Better! Definitely much better than two weeks ago! I still have a few weeks of twice-a-week chiropractic adjustments and I am continuing to take supplements as needed. The kids are totally fine and don’t seem to have accident-related issues.

On Saturday we are going to look at vans. Hopefully we will get a replacement for the one we lost. I’ll say it again, I am so grateful that all we lost was that van on March 7th. God’s faithfulness in protecting us from harm and preserving our lives is much appreciated. We have much left to do here on this Earth!

Have you used natural remedies and foods to help you through and injury?  I would love to hear your story!


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