My Favorite Things – September

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My Favorite Things September

September is one of my favorite months! It’s still summer and then it’s not. The leaves begin to change. A new school year begins. Soups and pumpkin everything begin to take over mealtime. It’s my birthday month! I love it!

Now it’s over and there were so many wonderful things that I wanted to share with you. From food, to DIY, to interesting things to learn…you’ll love my favorite things about September!

Food is a huge part of fall and some of my favorite recipes were pumpkin sourdough pancakes, pumpkin pie coconut flour pancakes, apple cinnamon waffles, and coconut cloud cake with salted caramel drizzle. How about this coconut cake with lemon glaze? Another favorite was pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! Speaking of chocolate, there were these 10 healthy chocolate recipes and homemade chocolate bars that I loved! Organic coconut maple granola and grain free granola are pretty rockin’ and so are these Japanese style veggie pancakes! I know my kids will love these easy chicken tenders! Yum!

Coconut flour zucchini bread is at the top of my list this month! I have so many zucchini! I also have a 2pm witching hour that I’m hoping these 4 energizing snacks can help me avoid. 

Pumpkin spice latte is a favorite when having friends over. Then there’s this caffeine-free chicory coffee for myself since caffeine makes me jittery! Or, if you’re somewhere in between and need to kick a coffee habit, here’s how to do it without getting headaches! Maybe just forget all the coffee and go for the hot toddy instead!

Back to pumpkin! How about these curry-spiced pumpkin seeds!? They sound really delicious! 

I ventured into new territory palate-wise this month with these paleo carrot juice crêpes, weird foods to try in the fermented department, and tucked these handy real food travel snack recipes and sour watermelon gummies away for our next road trip! Oh, and I acquired a whole bunch of new sourdough recipes that I LOVE!

I love to learn new things and this month I learned how to make an all-purpose gluten-free flour, a paleo trail mix, how to make cottage cheese, how to make an alcohol-free hand sanitizerhow to detox my home, and natural treatments for eczema. Since I sit at my desk quite a bit blogging, this post on if sitting at your desk all day is killing your health resonated with me. I also learned why it’s important to be your own scientist. How cool is that!?!

As an herbalist, health coach and woman, I’m always interested in learning more about natural family planning and fertility.

With the change in seasons comes changes in the skin. This honey face mask looks divine and will help nourish the skin as it gets used to a drier season. This flax seed beauty gel is perfect for this transition and you hair and skin will love it!

I love de-bunking food myths like this one that salt and sugar are bad for you, and that cholesterol is evil. What about carbonated water? Are you still consuming low-fat dairy? Here are 5 reasons to ditch it! I’m also pretty excited about being more frugal with these 5 things I should never throw away and how to reuse them! Oats are a topic of confusion among those who are gluten-free. Here’s everything you need to know about types, soaking, skincare and the benefits of oats.

I hurt my neck on my birthday and turmeric for pain relief is my go-to remedy. These remedies for joint pain came in handy too! Oregano oil is handy if I need an anti-biotic this season. Did you know that leg length can be why you have lower back pain? Oh, and what about ear candling? Does it really work?

Whew! What a busy month! I can’t wait to see what October brings!


What were your favorite things about September?


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