Our Visit to The Family Cow

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Today, my friend and her kids came with me and my kids on a fantastic road trip! We had the amazing honor of visiting our raw milk farmers at The Family Cow. Hundreds of families get fresh, raw milk from their pastured Jersey cows at numerous drop points throughout PA and other nearby, raw milk-legal states. 

This is where we get all of our raw milk, grass-fed beef, soy-free pastured chicken and eggs, and many other real food items. We were out of milk and decided to make the 3-hour trek to the farm to get more instead of waiting until next Thursday for our normal right-over-the-bridge-in-PA drop point. So, we loaded our coolers and our kids in my now packed out 8-passenger Sienna and headed out in the rain to Chambersburg. You’d think we were going to Disney World! That’s how excited we were!

Just over 3 hours later, we pulled into the farm and were greeted by Edwin Shank and his son, Rodrick. I’ve been getting raw milk, etc. from The Family Cow drop point since 2010 so I had met the Shanks many times before. This was different though! This time we were  actually getting to see where our food comes from and showing our children that food doesn’t really come from a store! What an experience for our kids (and us) to see this!

We were so impressed by the cleanliness and orderliness of the farm and how well loved and taken care of each animal is. The cows were being milked when we arrived. They all looked happy and healthy. We were able to see just how our raw milk goes right from the cows to the jugs and then to us!

These animals are truly pastured. They are rotated a few times a day to insure prime grazing. They chickens are too! Their hen houses are mobile and are moved throughout the day so that they can get prime nutrition from pecking around the fresh grass. 

We got to visit the baby animals in each stage of their development and they were just too cute for words! The adorable baby calves, chicks, and even young turkeys that will be our Thanksgiving dinner in a few months. 

The ingenuity of these farmers is amazing. Every detail on how to efficiently raise the animal grass-fed and organically has been carefully thought out and executed, from the rolling hen houses to the easily moveable cow pasture fencing. Every farm should run like this one and be so willing to open its doors to its customers!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. These pictures show a wonderful example of how a family farm can effectively feed hundreds of families with real food the way God intended. Raw milk is so important to my family and our farmers are vital to our survival! Small family farms like The Family Cow are what keep us grounded and connected to what truly matters, God, Family, Others, and Real Nutritious Food! Please stand up for food freedom!

I hope you all have a farm like this near you.

To find a raw milk farm where you live, visit Real Milk.


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